Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 New Years Resolutions

Later in the week, I'll do a postmortem on 2012.  I'm not going to go month-by-month like I have the past two years, since this year contained large periods of time where there was no running, and I complain enough on this blog. Plus, this is New Year's Day, the day for making resolutions.  But before we get to this year's resolutions, let's see how I did last year:

1. 5:59 or better mile. -- Nope!  I didn't run the Harrisburg Mile because I hurt my tailbone pretty badly the previous weekend.  My personal rules are that this has to take place in a race, so that was my only chance.  I've learned that the York Road Runner's Club has timed miles before many of its races, so this year I know I have more than one shot.

2. 22:59 or better 5K -- Negative, but I did hit a new 5K PR, 23:20 at HACC Dash.  So maybe partial credit? No?

3. 4:50 marathon -- Didn't even run a marathon, much less hit 4:50

4. 10 races total  -- Got it: St. Patrick's 5K, Baltimore; Shamrock 8K; Hershey 10K; Sole of the City 10k; HACC Dash 5K; Armed Forces Day 5K; Druid Hill 10K; Spartan Race; Sasquatch Trail 5K; Jingle Bell 5K 

5. Lift weights 3x/week -- Ha.

1 for 5.  That's pretty bad.

So, for 2013:

1. Run Shamrock Half Marathon in March 2013
2. Under 6:00 mile (carried over from last year)
3. Run one marathon this year.
4. 10 races total
5. Lose 20lbs.  (I freaked out earlier in the year when I was 150. I'm 160 now. I feel best when I'm under 140.)

We'll see about this.  


  1. Dude how tall are you again? 140 is pretty light.

    1. 5'6. I was 120 when I was 18, and added about 15lbs of muscle during college. the 25 extra pounds I've got on that isn't the good kind of weight!

  2. Phew. Alright, you are not bulimic/anorexic. Makes my 165 (@5 11) feel a little better. I was feeling excessively heavy, but...

  3. Yeah, the holidays were not great for my waistline - bleh! Love pinning up a new calendar (yes, I still have a paper one in my kitchen! :)) and starting the year fresh. I wish you MUCH success for the new year - you can do it!