Saturday, February 16, 2013

What I Learned from the Cat

With only a few exceptions, every time I've run for the past two years, I've used my foam roller to stretch out beforehand.  And almost every time I've used the foam roller, a big, friendly black cat comes waddling slowly over, flops on the floor, stretches out, and purrs his head off.

It probably makes my pre-run preparation less efficient since I have to break in between reps for tummy rubs, but it's really cute.  

Unfortunately, for the last two weeks I've had to foam roll without any assistance.  Pooka the Cat lost the use of back legs two weeks ago, due to what seemed to be a pinched nerve (at least this is the level of detail at which I can explain what the vet told me).    Since then, he's begun a slow and steady recovery and he can now limp around, though he usually falls every few steps. 

Since he's been injured, he's had to be confined, partly for his own good, and partly for ours, since I didn't think he can make it to the litterbox under his own power.  As soon as I brought him home from the vet, I set up a comfy nest for him in a big plastic bin.  He had, food, water, blankets, and a litterbox.  He hated it, but when I gave into his crying and put him on the spare bed in my office, he dragged himself off of it the second my back was turned.  Though he's getting around much better now, I still don't want to leave him out and wandering when we're not around, since he's not navigating stairs very well and since getting down from furniture is still a challenge for him (he can get up on some things, but doesn't land well when he gets down.  He's feeling well enough now that he can climb out of his bin, so I have to leave him in the bathroom closet when we're not around.

What's impressed me, though, is the cheerful good humor with which Pooka has endured this and all his other medical mishaps (he's had surgery for bladder stones, was diabetic, and has hyperthyroidism).  Despite being completely unable to walk, he still was usual happy, purry self.  I, on the other hand, have let some shin problems turn me into a bitter, lazy grump.

It's ok to be frustrated by injuries.  But, as my expensive, fluffy pal taught me, I don't have to be such a dick about it.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if humans are the only rational beings on the planet. So many times animals have been shown to be so much smarter than myself it is embarrassing. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter; I doubt domestic housecats will ever try to take over the world. Nice post. Go Get 'em Tiger! :)