Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Go Away, Nature!

I live on a back road in a semi-rural area, but for safety and laziness reasons I usually run in a slightly flatter, sidewalk equipped, normal suburban neighborhood a few miles away.  

But, even though I was in normal American suburban neighborhood and not my backwoods trail of terror, I still a saw a big blacksnake on my two-mile run this morning. 

I couldn't get my camera phone to work (to either dial 911 or take a picture), so here is an artist's rendering:

Needless to say, I ran a bit faster than I did on Saturday.


  1. Nice artist rendering. Maybe you could become a police sketch artist?

  2. Who knew the zombie snake apocalypse would start in rural PA???

  3. @Chris. I have my sights set higher than that. Surely this a chapel somewhere that needs a ceiling painted.

    @Nicole. I always knew.