Friday, May 8, 2015

Business Trippin'

Two weeks ago, I went on a five-day business trip to the Denver area.  I am quite a bit behind in my blogging, but I wanted to write about it before it fell completely out of mind.  It was definitely a business trip, with no time for sightseeing or fun. And business went well, and I would like to think I had something to do with that.  

I do try to keep myself entertained a little, though, and one of the ways I do that is to always bring my running gear and try to find a place to get out for a few miles.  Luckily, despite Lone Tree, CO being business parks, retail, and suburbs as far as the could see, I found a nice place to run very close to my hotel. 

The Willow Creek Trail, maintained by South Suburban Parks and recreation, winds along Willow Creek (duh) through parks, developments, abd some corporate parks to provide a safe, paved, pleasant place to run.  In many places, underpasses keep runners or bikers away from traffic.  The 2.5 mile portion of this trail I ran out and back for my five-miler was somewhat hilly, but no worse than I would find in PA.  I DEFINITELY felt the altitude difference, feeling much more fatigued on the way back, despite pleasant temperatures and an easy pace.  I only was able to get out once, but I am thankful to have found a nice place for a run if business takes me back.

I also try to sample some local brews when I am a business trip. One per day, mind you. This is not a vacation!  This was the best new one I tried. 

I also like to send my wife #businessporn. It is not really porn, unless my wife really does find selfies of an unimpressive male specimen in business clothes, accompanied by captions such as "Is this a business meeting...or a sexy party?" or "Your new issue of Businessman Magazine just arrived" to be exciting.  I suspect that she does not.  But I work from home most of the time, usually in shorts and a t-shirt,  so even at almost 40 it feels like I am playing dress up.  I'm just playing it VERY well.

Yeah, right.

The business trip consisted of three days of meetings and then, on Friday, a half day of debrief and action planning.  I left that last meeting feeling that I had businessed very well and texted my wife and a few work friends about how gangster I was.  I guess I was a little too cool for the Denver airport, because, after I passed through the full body scanner, security had me wait so they could give me a pass with the metal detecting wand. As I see my laptop, shoes, and Business Guy bag, with all my favorite in-flight electronic devices in it, sitting mournfully at the end of the conveyor belt, I was filled with a righteous indignation as the guy in front of me removed the 200 things he had in his pockets (Read the signs, people! ) one item at a time.  I will say the Rock Bottom Brewery location at the Denver Airport before my flight home was a most welcome site.

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