Monday, May 8, 2017


I almost always try to run on the Atlantic City Boardwalk when I'm here.  If it's the dead of winter, probably not. If I'm staying out at the Marina, probably not.  Otherwise, hell yes.

We're spending a long weekend at Resorts, a perfectly cromulent hotel and casino on the Boardwalk.  I ran two miles southward past the long-vacant Atlantic Club and back.  I always feel weaker on the boardwalk. Maybe it's the springy, wobbly boards, maybe it's 4 beers I had yesterday (in my defense, two of then were free), or the great deal of walking we did yesterday, but I was slower than Saturday. I don't mind. It was a nice run.  I did it, and that's what matters.  That's enough these days.

But still, another negative split is nice.

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