Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Brian's Terrible Race Photos, 2018 Edition: The Love Run

When I registered for this race last fall, I got to pick out a custom name/nickname/saying/whatever for my race bib.  Rather than just put "Brian" like a normal person, I put "Dallas Sucks".

The race was in Philly, after all, and I'm a huge Eagles fan. By happy coincidence the Eagles won their first Superbowl (did you hear?) in the intervening months.

I had totally forgotten that I did this, and when I picked up my packet in the post-superbowl 52 world, I couldn't stop laughing.  I wanted to make sure that my hilarious bib got in race photos, so as I approached the photographer, I unzipped my jacket like a flasher...and well, I guess the wind got a hold of me and resulting parachute effect makes me look even rounder than I am.

I also hate when I got caught flat-footed in the picture.  Well, in this one it looks like I'm just standing in the middle of road.  Maybe I was.  Maybe I was.

Reaching the Finish LIne is always cool, and my wife and I were very happy and relieved.  I'm glad this awkward high-five was captured on film.  She was on my left.  Why didn't I just use my left hand?  I'm left handed, goddammit.

There were good pictures, too.  But who cares about those?

Race report on the Love Run coming later this week.  Maybe.

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