Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Enter Sandman

I skipped running today because of snow, so I'm going to write about one of my best friends today.

I've noticed that on days that I run I'm (understandably) noticeably more tired than days on which I don't. I often find myself lying on the love seat watching TV, trying to stay awake. Everything's going fine, until a big, soft, sleepy creature hops up next to me, falls over, and starts purring.

Lights. Out.

I've been told that Pooka usually wakes up before me and bites my arms and/or face in a futile attempt to wake me up for the next feeding.

Sometimes, we have company on our naps.

(Elizabeth the Kitten decided to join in the napstravaganza)

Pooka has been a great friend and treasured family pet for a long time, but he's had many more health problems than a cat, especially one of his good-naturedness, deserves. He's had surgery to remove bladder stones, received daily insulin injections for two years for diabetes, which is now in remission, and we just learned today that he's got hyperthyroidism. He'll be ok. Pooka is a fighter.

As a result of his conditions, Pooka is also very expensive. I suspect that he's jealous of his brother, Higgy, my nemisis, who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in November and has been going through some tough times for the past several weeks. While I am not enthused that Pooka has reclaimed his title as "World's Most Expensive Cat", it's worth every penny to keep the company of our furry friends.

(Higgy, owner of the original overactive thyroid)

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