Saturday, January 28, 2012

Obligatory Post

  • The comeback trail is now within sight. February 10 (Saturday the 11th probably makes more logistical sense, though) was the arbitrary date on which I decided I was going to end my month off. Getting sick hurt, but I've been trying to do a decent job w/the cardio; I've done well in getting back into the groove in lifting (I probably lifted more in December and January than I did in all the rest of 2011) ; and I'm looking forward to getting back on the road.

  • We've now signed up for the Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5K in Baltimore. It's on March 11, the day of Baltimore's St. Patrick's Day Parade, not St. Patrick's Day itself. The 5K is a fun race albeit one with some crowd control problems, so I'm hoping that the legs are ok and that I can get myself back in some semblance of racing shape by then. Chris will have this 5K, and then on the following weekend will run both the 8K and Half at Virginia Beach.

  • Not that I am usually full of brilliant or hilarious ideas for posts, but I'm completely out of ideas right now. Therefore, I'm going to be running my first-ever contest here on the blog, with an actual giveaway from an actual sponsor. People have to be willing to make fun of themselves a little bit, but I hope it will be fun. Stay tuned.

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