Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And the Winner of the First Annual Earn Your Donuts Bad Race Photo Contest Is...

I know all of my 28 readers have been anxiously awaiting this announcement, so I apologize to them and especially to the two contestants, for the delay.

Danny, who blogs at "Math on the Run" sent us this entry:
XLMIC who blogs at "Taking it On", shared this entry:

The voters have spoken, and our winner is Danny!  I'd make a joke here about my low voter turnout, but I don't want to detract from the seriousness of this contest.

Thank you both for entering! Danny wins a $35 Road ID gift certificate and XLMIC wins a $15 Dunkin Donuts gift card.  I'll be contacting you about how to send your prizes.

I am also very appreciative of the support of RoadID and Inside PR, who contributed the first-place prize.

Thanks also to everyone that read these posts and voted.  I'll probably do this again next year.  It was fun for me, and hopefully others enjoyed it as well.  Maybe I can get more participants with prize winners to vouch that I didn't sell their e-mail to spammers or send them a box of cats or something like that.  I know that I've already got some new bad race photos of my own that it will give me a chance to share.


  1. This is AWESOME!!!! Because, you see, I just got a RoadID thing about a week ago! I need the donuts deal...my kids will LOVE it :)


  2. Great contest. One of my pictures from RnR DC looks horrible..but it's mostly in the facial expression. I'll have to post it provided I have another horrible one at the MD Half

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  4. Cool. Very cool. As promised I said that I would tell the story behind the picture if I won. As I said the picture was taken within the first 20% of a 40 mile ultra. I look like I am going to fall over because I had just jumped - mid stride - bringing my feet together in mid air. The photographer was a little late (obviously) taking the picture. Though considering I never told anyone I planned on doing that (within myself I did plan on doing that), I can't blame the photographer for being late. Later on in the race, another photographer caught me perfectly in midair and it is the most killer race photo I can ever expect to get.

    So, anyway, I am heading over to Road ID right now to do a little shopping.

    1. I think you need to post that if you havent. Congrats on the 40 miler. That's a great run and it sounds like you had some fun (other than just the fun of running, I mean.).