Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Makings of a Race Schedule

A few weeks ago, I posted my training schedule, which due to work, weather, and health (a bout with the flu) hasn't really come together as well as I'd hoped.  Still, I think 5 miles by the end of March and an at least surviving Sole of the City is still pretty likely. 

So what am I training for?   I guess that was in the previous post, too, but I'm really lacking inspiration for posts these days, and a race schedule is starting to take shape.

Kelly St. Patricks 5K, Baltimore, 3/16
I'll be honest, I run this one for the after-party at the pub with my friends.

Sole of the City 10K, Baltimore, 5/12
I'll be honest, I run this one for the swag and the chance to make a fun Orioles-oriented weekend out of it.

Color Run,Hershey, 6/1 
I'll be honest, I'm running this one because I'm susceptible to even the mildest and most benign peer pressure.  I still don't really get the appeal of  this.  Still, at least I probably won't break my tailbone like last time I went along with the crowd!

Atlantic City Half Marathon, Atlantic City (duh), 10/19
I'll be honest, 'm running this one because I'm a wimp who's had to defer two years in a row.  Run, walk, or crawl, I need to do this because I need even more so to be able to do at least the half, and hopefully the full, at Shamrock 2015.

Across the Bay 10K, Annapolis, 11/9
I'll be honest, I'm running this one because it just sounds fun.  To the extent that running can be fun, I mean.  Of course.  

That's all I'm registered for currently, but I'll mix a few more 5Ks in.   Even in my crappy Running Year 2013, I ran more races than this!


  1. I'll be honest, they all look like some great races and a ton of fun.
    I can't seem to think past mid-summer for racing; hoping as my fitness gains I can add more. Maybe you'll feel the same.
    Hope 2014 is a fantastic year for you!!!

  2. I'll be honest, the peer pressure for The Color Run was, "Want to run The Color Run with me?" LOL!

    1. Yes, but you may or not have been holding a big knife when you said it.

  3. Since you are already doing the Shamrock and SotC, you should sign up for Chuck 12 and get the B3 medal! :)

    Just randomly found your blog looking for Kelly St. race reports (first timer this year). Cool to see another local running blogger!

    1. You know, it sounds fun...except that it's in the hottest part of the year. I won't be running those distances again till the fall, but even in the years where I did run double-digit runs over the summer, I like to get up super early to try to be out on the road at 6am.

      If Charles St. 12 were in October or November, I'd be all over it!

      Kelly 5K is definitely fun, I just don't recommend it as a race to take super seriously, because the course is so crowded, unless you're right at the front of the pack.