Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back on the Roads

After taking 5 days off where I didn't run farther than 10 feet (in pursuit of cats), today was my first day back on the roads. I could tell at first that my legs were still a bit tired from the marathon or disuse, but it felt good to be running again.

I put in 7 miles in just under 1:05, which is a very nice pace for me. It was an enjoyable run, with a brisk wind, and on some streets I would freeze, and then on others where I was out of the wind it felt very sunny and warm. It was strange, for the first time, to be running without being in training for something. If I wanted to go 5 miles, I could stop at 5. If I wanted go 18, I could go 18...except I probably need to take it a bit easy a few more weeks before I try a run that long.

But the point stands, there's no pressure to run a certain amount of miles.

Except, I have a stupid idea.


  1. pssst.... any combination of two: jersey shore marathon relay (as a single runner) long island marathon, and lake placid marathon will make you eligible for a marathon maniacs membership...

    since you mentioned "stupid idea" type stuff...

  2. My marathon training group had a post-race happy hour (most of the group did National this past Saturday) and I told my trainer I was thinking of doing the one in York, and she basically told me that that was stupid and a recipe for disaster.

    I'll probably try it next year (Do Shamrock again in April and Potts in May), but based on her advice I don't want to do anything that would threaten Philly in November.

    I saw people in "Marathon Maniacs" stuff and wondered what that meant.