Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Off Track

(, on which I track my miles, asked users to upload their
least flattering running photo. Here's mine, from the finish of a 5K at
my old high school in August 2008. In my defense, I ran a 24:43, a PR at the time)

I've ran twice now in the two weeks since the marathon, and I've got to get my groove back. I did run another pretty quick 7 miles today, but it's just not the same without a huge terrifying race looming over me. I would have gone out yesterday, but I skipped it with a mild ankle sprain that I almost certainly would have toughed out during my training.

Wanting to apply all my lessons learned from Shamrock, I'd been leaning toward signing for the Bob Potts Marathon in York, PA on May 15. I talked to my training group's coach at our celebratory happy hour last night, and she quickly put the lid on that idea -- in her opinion I was just asking for injury by signing up for another Spring marathon.

I know people do it...and it's probably not the best of ideas for them, either, but I guess for a noob like me there's some added risk.

If you're reading this and looking for a race, the Bob Potts Marathon does sound like a really excellent marathon, unless a huge crowd is part of the appeal. It's supposed to be flat and fast and a good Boston Qualifier...which I'm an hour and half away from even worrying about.

I'll probably be at the 5K.

So, my dumb idea is down the drain. Don't worry, though, I have another dumb idea to replace it.

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