Friday, March 4, 2011

I Finished Physical Therapy and all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt

Well...and much less pain in my knee, better range of motion, and lots of stretches and exercises that I should have been doing all along to loosen up my IT Bands and leg muscles and build core strength.

Overall, I think my PT helped a lot. I'm not sure what the secret weapon was, but in the last two weeks my knee has improved tremendously. While my knee held up and was strong for my windy Inner Harbor run two weeks ago, as I mentioned yesterday I was in considerable pain afterward.

Since then, after every run either here or in Florida (even less discomfort on flat ground) I've basically been ok despite trying to run farther, more frequently, and occasionally faster.

I've gotten in some good miles since getting back from Florida: 8 on Wednesday and 5 last night, and will run 15 tomorrow. So far, the knee is doing great and I feel like I'm getting my conditioning back.

In summary, thank you Nicole and Laura at Wellspan Rehab. I'm on the comeback trail, and I have a free
(until the bill comes for the co-pay, anyway) awesome t-shirt to prove it.

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