Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mardi Gras in Manchester, PA

I love Mardi Gras, even here in Manchester, where there's no parades or beads or excessive revelry. Any holiday that encourages donut-eating is alright in my book. On the left is the "Manager's Special". I don't know why they call it that and maybe I don't want to, but it's a delicious cream-filled chocolate frosted donut. On the right is "Chocolate Boston Cream". Its name is what it is. It's not to be confused with the "Reverse Boston Cream", which is a chocolate donut with chocolate cream and vanilla frosting.

Before I had the donuts, I had McDonald's for dinner. Awesome.

In my defense, I did have a great run this evening. 10 miles in 1:38, the first time I've been under a 10minute mile pace for a 10 mile run since last Spring. Not too shabby.

Oddly, this excellent run comes on the heels of one of my worst. Last night, I set out on what was supposed to be a five miler, but my stomach hurt, my knees hurt, and my feet hurt. It was not happy situation, and I quit after just 3 miles in 32 minutes.

I'm at the beginning of tapering, as I explained in my last post, but after last night's debacle run, I wanted to get a longer run in tonight. This will probably be the last time I hit double digits until the marathon.

How did I have such a good run today when just yesterday I felt like I was falling apart? It must have been the Big & Toasty I had for lunch.

(I picked up the donuts at lunch to make sure I got the best possible is a very busy day at the donut shop and it requires strategic thinking to make sure one does not get stuck with plain old fasnachts.)

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