Monday, May 23, 2011

Pictures from the 2011 HACC Dash 5K, or "I Didn't Feel Like Writing Today"

A few more pictures from the 2011 HACC Dash York Campus 5k:

(The "before" picture)

(Derek, 7th overall in first in our age group, crosses the finish line.)

(Mere nano-seconds later, in an amount of time so small as to not even be measurable without the use of cutting edge instruments developed for NASA, I finish the race.
The famous Sheetz Truck, dispenser of free smoothies, is visible in the background)

(In this, the "after" picture, Derek attempts to pop his shoulder back in and I look to be purging the contents of my stomach. Alternatively, we drink water and discuss how awesome we are.)

Moving on to the awards ceremony...(ooh....aah...)

(I collect my bronze medal for the Men's 30-34 division.
If there were only three people in the division, please don't tell me.)

(Derek collects the first-place medal.)

(I think the medal is nice. It was at a college, after all.)

(It's even engraved on the back. I thought that was really nice. Maybe it's standard procedure? I wouldn't know...I NEVER WIN MEDALS!)
As I said yesterday, I thought this was a really nice race and I hope to run it again next year. (Thanks Laurie for all the race and awards ceremony pictures!)

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