Thursday, May 19, 2011

(Please Don't) Bring the Heat

I had one of the least enjoyable runs ever this morning. Eight miles in 1:14, so not a bad distance or pace considering how completely a busy work week and awful weather have destroyed my running this week. It's hard to find time to run when you're busy building an ark.

After missing a run on Tuesday evening when it started deluging (Is that a word? I guess it is!) just as I set out, and not having any opportunity at all yesterday due constant rain all day, I knew this morning was likely my only chance to get some miles in.

On the plus side, a temperature of 59 degrees and overcast. The downside: 95% humidity. It was so wet, and the air so heavy, that I felt like I needed scuba gear.

Whether the humidity or the lack of running this week, my legs just felt dead. Eating more Sports Beans than I've ever eaten before seemed to give me a little energy back, and I drank plenty of water, but I still felt really exhausted and disgusting most of the way through this one.

Unfortunately, I just hate running in the heat and humidity, and getting my distance is going to be a challenge. I'd rather run 15 miles in 40-degree weather (or even 10-degree weather) than 8 miles on a day like today.

About this time last year, I cut my mileage back from three 10 mile runs per week to three 6-7 mile runs per week as the weather got more warm and humid, with the occasional 8 or 9 thrown in if we had a cooler, less humid day or I felt particularly good. My problem this year is that I'm running the full marathon at Philly, instead of the half, on November 20, and I don't think those mileages will cut it.

I should be ok adding most of my distance in September, October, and Early November, but if I want to get in two or three 20 mile runs before the marathon, I'll have to keep my base up. In hindsight, the fall marathon may have been a bad idea, but at least weather at the race itself should be perfect.

That's enough venting. I'm sure I'll get used to it, the weather's been all over the place this year so it wasn't a steady warming up to allow me to slowly acclimate, and I just hadn't had a run this year yet with anything near this level of humidity. But, still, if any readers out there also loathe running in the heat and humidity, I'd love to hear what you've done to make it more bearable.


  1. You can do it! You wouldn't have wanted to run the half in Philly this year anyway, so the marathon was your only option...unless you wanted the Rothman 8k. ;-)

  2. No suggestions - but remember your body can acclimatize to anything; though it could mean a slight decrease in pace while at the same intensity. You just can't get discouraged because once the weather turns again you'll be all primed for a new plateau.

  3. @ Chris -- Thank you! But I think it's too late to get a refund and switch to the Rothman. And I'm not running them both! :-)

    @ Danny -- Thanks for the encouragement. I wouldn't say I'm too discouraged overall. This was just really my first run under the type of conditions that are my least favorite. I love running in the cold...I endure it in the heat. I think you're right that a decreased pace will help. I'll probably dial it back to my long run pace for most runs over the summer. Even though I felt like I was running through water yesterday, my pace was was still right on my recent average pace at this distance and much faster than I was going while I was training for the marathon.

    I think I'll slow down to my long run pace for my next run at these conditions and see how much that helps.

    (I have longer post coming up about improving my training approach that I think this ties into...just probably won't have time to write it for a couple days.)