Monday, March 11, 2013

Race Report: 2013 Kelly St. Patrick's Day Shamrock 5K

Every year, I say how much I dislike this race. And every year, I run it again.   Yesterday, as Chris and I were running down a very crowded Charles Street at the beginning of the race, I told her "I hate this race" and as I was coming back from the turnaround on Key Highway I was thinking, "Maybe next year I'll just skip the race and show up for the after-party."

Because it's really the after-party that keeps bringing me back to this one.  The race is what it is:  a big, crowded, chaotic, and vaguely Irish-themed race with beer at the end.  The positives are the incredible view of a sea of green-clad runners going downhill on Charles Street following the start and the pints of Guiness that I have at the James Joyce after the race.  In between is a hot, crowded, chaotic mess.

It's hot, because the 1:15pm start time leaves me running in temperatures 20+ degrees warmer than I'm used to and it's crowded and chaotic because there's 5,000 participants and no pace signs or corrals whatsoever.  There's a ton of people who take very sudden walk breaks in the middle of the road or run or walk it in a group 3 or 4 people wide, requiring me to cut and weave like Brian Westbrook. I admit, I'm probably being way too much of an overcompetitive asshole here.  Everyone else just has fun with this race; I should too.

Especially since I'm way too out of shape to be an overcompetitive asshole.  In 2012, my first crack at this race, I ran a 26:14 and was slightly disappointed in it. Oh, how jaded I was. In 2011, I was tapering for the Shamrock Marathon the following week and took it nice and easy on my way to a 30:15.  26:42 last year, which I was pretty happy with as I recovered.  This year, 31:24, my PW.  Even at the York Jingle Bell in December, when I needed a few walk breaks to make it around the hilly course, I finished in 31:10.

But, I survived.  I ran the whole thing.  I've just got to get my calf and shin problems straightened out or the Sole of the City 10K in April is going to be the death of me. 


  1. I don't care your time. I'm proud you went out and ran it!!

  2. at least your honest...running for beer is as good a reason as any. nice guinness!