Monday, March 25, 2013

Shinsplints are Stupid. I Don't Recommend Them.

I know I'm a wimp.  I was a wimp in elementary school, when even the younger kids beat me up, and I'm a wimp now.

One of my friends is running a marathon in a couple weeks with four big metal screws in her hip.  Granted, she loves running WAY more than I do.   (By which I mean, she actually likes the running part, whereas I like the finishing the race part and the celebrating afterward part)

Still, it sucks when after one mile it feels like your calves are going to burst, as they did on Tuesday, when I did the walk of shame back to my car, or when after my 3 prescription-strength anti-inflammatory assisted miles on Saturday I didn't have full range of motion in my left foot.

I'm trying to pull my left foot back like my right one.  
It won't go any farther than this. D'oh.

I'm trying, though.  

I realized after the fact that prescription-strength anti-inflammatories, indomethacin, to be specific, were probably the secret to my "success" in both the Kelly St. Patrick's Day Shamrock 5K and the Shamrock 8K.  I have the occasional flare-up of gout, and I take indomethacin to reduce the painful swelling in my big toe, but it also fights inflammation in general, even if gout's not the cause. (I also take colchicine, which treats the gout itself.)  I was having a minor gout flare-up on and off in the week between the two races, and so I realize that I took my gout meds before both of these races.  I'm still confused, though.  I was having good runs (well, except for the fact that I'm still not in good shape!) at the end of February without the aid of any drugs. I'm going to the orthopedist on April 2, but in the meantime I'll probably try to get a few runs in with the help of my meds.

I also put some new insoles in the Brooks Adrenaline.  Between the insoles and the indomethacin, I got 3 miles yesterday, considerable improvement over the 1 on Tuesday.  I'm also doing a ton of calf raises and trying to use weights to strengthen the muscles around my shin, too.   I've now lost 3 big races to shin & calf problems.  This needs to end.

                           If nothing else, the purple insoles make the Brooks Adrenaline much more stylish.

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