Tuesday, March 26, 2013


In my last post, I detailed some of the things I'm trying to do fix my shinsplints.  But, I also think it's time I accept the fact that I'm out of shape and I've got to address that as a bigger issue than just getting my shins and calves stronger.

Let's put it this way:

In November 2011, I ran the Philadelphia Marathon.  I weighed between 135 and 140. (I'm about 5'6.)

In  March 2011, I ran Shamrock Marathon.  I weighed between 135 and 140.  I was kind of blurry back then, too.

 March 2013:  I weigh 160 and I cannot even consistently run two miles.  

I have two extra chins that I didn't have back my glory days.

Yeah, it's a proof, alright.  Proof that I need to lose weight.

Granted, I probably wouldn't have gained this much weight if I hadn't gotten hurt, but I think now the extra poundage is probably one of the things keeping me from piling the mileage back on.

And since most of the time my shins are bothering me, I won't be able to run the weight off.  I'll have to hit the boring elliptical and exercise bike, sweat it off, and then hope that maybe being lighter takes some of the pressure off my shins.  I'm not a scientist, but I think there's reason to hope.

I have three cats.  Trust me, this is relevant.

This is the soft, cuddly Pooka.  He weighs about 16 pounds.

This is his cute, demented brother, Higgy.  Higgy only weighs about 8 pounds.  (Poor guy.)

This is Elizabeth the Kitten.  She also weighs about 8 pounds.  (She's much smaller-framed than Higgy and Pooka, so she looks like a cute little puffball at 8 pounds, while Higgy looks like a fluffy, huggable, skeleton.)

 Aren't they adorable?  Of course they are, but that's not the point.

The point is that that's a total of about 32 pounds of cat.  And I've gained approximately 30 pounds since November 2011.  Right now, it's as if I'm carrying around three adorable cats every time I go for a run.

That sounds like a stupid idea.  Who wants to run a marathon carrying three cats, no matter how cute they are?

Well, maybe this guy.

But I think it's time to put the cats down. 


  1. Dude, I almost said something along these lines after the last post as maybe not a treatment, but step in the right direction sort of thing.

    I just did the same thing over the last month. I deliberately minimized any food in the house and totally portion controlled everything. Still ate three meals a day, but they were tiny. Knocked off 8 lbs in a month (just the 8lbs due to not running as hard).

    1. I just figure I have a better chance of getting my shins better if they don't have quite so much of me to haul around. I really enjoy food, so even though I'm running less than 10 miles a week now, it's tough for me to not eat like I'm still running 30-40 miles a week. I also did a lot of the damage in October and early November, when my shin problems flared back up again and I just felt sorry for myself and didn't go to the gym much at all. I've also been annihilating Reeses Pieces Easter Eggs. It's their fault for being so delicious.

      I've got to eat less, eat healthier, and make up for the reduced running w/other exercise. I'd like to be down under 150 by my 10K on April 20. That might be a stretch, but I figure it's worth a try!

      Sounds like you're having some struggles too. Best wishes for a triumphant return!