Sunday, December 26, 2010


First of all, a belated "Happy Holidays" from the staff here at Earn Your Donuts. We've gotten a little behind here, but later this evening or tomorrow as people here in Pennsylvania dig out from Snowstorms of Varying Sizes, we'll take the opportunity to share one of our favorite Christmas stories, a tale of magic and wonder that people of all ages can enjoy.

On the running front, we've taken two trips from York Haven to Goldsboro this morning and this past Thursday going 10 miles in 1:46 on Thursday and 12 miles in 2 hours today. Both days have featured a strong wind blowing in my face on the way out, which slowed me down by about five minutes on Thursday, and thankfully pushes me back toward home on the way back. Thursday was windier; I felt like I was going to be blown backwards at times as I ran into the wind, and when the wind was at my back I really felt like I was just lifting my feet up and the wind was doing all the work. Today was no picnic either -- you'll note that I ran 1.3 miles less than my half marathon in just about the same amount of time. In my defense, it is quite hillier here. Don't judge me!

At the end of my route in Goldsboro, at my typical turn-around point, I have noticed this sign. I'm not sure what it really means, but I imagine it's a warning to me and anyone else foolish enough to do most of their runs in this hilly section of Newberry Township.

Well, the concerned sign makers needn't have worried about me. With gale-force winds in my face and icicles forming in my beard, "fast" is not on the agenda.

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