Saturday, November 12, 2011

Almost There: The Last Long Run

Today was the last long run before Philly -- 8 miles, as per the plan that I've done soooo well in following. It wasn't a great run or a terrible run. It was 8 miles, I ran it. End of story. I fell off of my plan and struggled for most of October, but the last two weeks have given me a measure of confidence back.

Now, I'm starting to get freaked out about the weather. The forecast is fluctuating wildly. Yesterday, the forecast predicted a 60 percent chance of rain on Sunday, which would be bad news -- I've never really done a long run in the rain. I've gotten rained on and misted on, but going out and running 26.2 in mostly rainy conditions is not something that fills me with cheer.

One day later, the outlook is much better. says cloudy with a low of 51 and a high of 57. That's ok, and I know most people would take that in a heartbeat, but I'm signed up for marathon in late November in Philadelphia...I want it to be cold!! Give me a starting temperature in the 30s and I'll be a happy man. But, most importantly I'll be doing my "no precipitation" dance!

The good thing for me if that forecast holds (and it probably won't!), is that it will make gear selection really easy. No need for a long-sleeve shirt, jacket, gloves, etc. It'll be ok, I know it will. I'm just a worrier. I'll have concerns about the weather no matter what it is, so for my own sanity I probably just shouldn't look at it until Thursday or Friday morning so I know what to pack.

I'm ready. As physically ready as I'm going to get, and with some confidence restored after two solid weeks and last week's 20-miler. Mentally? Ok. I wouldn't quite say I'm excited and "looking forward to it" is probably still a bit too strong, but I'm not quaking in fear, either. I want to get started, and I want to get it over with. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to a huge omlet and lots of bacon at my favorite Philadelphia brunch place, Little Pete's, after the race.


  1. High 50s??? Oh how dreamy. The marathon gods must be favoring this here half Filipino/half hill billy runner. It's still to early to get excited though...

  2. Sounds like great weather, really! Statistically, we run better in 50 degree weather, but we each have our favorite. At least it's not going to be 80, huh? :) Looking forward to your race...hope you have a fantastic one and remember to have a blast! :)