Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do Your Civic Duty, and Earn Donuts

I love voting. Not only because in this country we are blessed with a chance that is still unmatched in many countries around the world to decide who will lead our local, state, and national governments, but because my local polling place has a ridiculous bounty of snacks.

Today, they had coffee, cookies, donuts and orange juice. In past elections I've been there when they had soup and sandwiches, too. I would vote anyway, but it's a nice little extra reward for getting out there and voting.

And if anyone out there is thinking "election fraud" (Boardwalk Empire, anyone?), let me assure that these delicious election day treats are available to all voters, regardless of for whom they cast their ballots.


  1. That doughnut looks like the perfect way to get my daily ration of calories. Mmmm. Dough. Nuts. .... Oh, and cheese cake too...

  2. I suppose that counts as "earning it".

  3. dailymile says my 6-mile run earned me 4 donuts, which seems a bit ridiculous, but at least I don't feel bad about eating one just for pushing a few buttons.