Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Haiku Volume IX, The NFL Edition

Fleecing time is here.
I'll trade this verse to Cardinals.
For a high draft pick.

I'm very excited that the NFL players and owners finally came to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. I look forward to football all summer, and a strike-shortened season would be worth nothing to me. How could the championship of such a season be considered legitimate?

This is not a football blog, and for my own sanity's sake I dare not ever create one, but I couldn't resist poking a bit of fun at the Arizona Cardinals today. I think the Cardinals probably gave up too much for Kevin Kolb, a player who I do think will be an ok QB, but who doesn't have the track record to rate a pro-bowler and a 2nd round pick in trade.

I'm also excited about the week of running that I had -- the extreme heat warning was lifted, and I got 10 miles in on Tuesday and 10 miles in on Thursday. I'm not sure yet when I'll start my training plan, but if the weather is nice on Saturday I may try for a longer run either here at home or on the rail trail.


  1. Yeah! It's a nice breezy 89F here in Atlanta. Which is a nice break from mid-90s. Will be 74 in the morning for my long run, then 96F high tomorrow!

  2. No more foot-ball, sure
    No more one trick po-nies, good
    Give me strength and speed