Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Long Run: The Incredible Bonk

After 17, 18, and 19-mile long runs the past three weeks, I was ready for a step-back week. 13 miles was the prescription. Technically, it was supposed to be last week, but I traded my 19-mile since I didn't have afternoon plans last week, so it wouldn't matter if it took me forever to run 19.

Well, my step-back run stepped up and slapped me right in the face. I completed the 13 miles, and my pace was fine, but my legs just felt exhausted the whole way. I don't mean to complain here, only to analyze, but I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out why last week's run was so good and this week's was so bad.

I ate the same not-so-good dinner (pizza) the night before both runs. I did more midweek running this week (6 on Tuesday and 2 on Thursday -- still not quite as much as I think I should be doing) than last week (4 on Tuesday), which I thought would be an advantage. I may be getting sick, or maybe it was just the long runs of the last 3 weeks and lack of sleep this week as a result of work catching up with me, or maybe it was that it seemed a little warmer out there than the forecast said it was, and I wore a shirt that I think is not as ventilated as my favorites.

I'm not terribly worried...except next Saturday is the big 2-0. Ruh-roh.


  1. Maybe the diet and the lack of sleep is starting to catch up to you. Make sure you fuel absolutely perfectly this week (I know, no fun, but good to rid the body of the toxins to eliminate that possible culprit) and try to get more sleep and see if it makes a difference for the 20. Fingers crossed for you!!!!

  2. Yeah I had a terrible one as well man. I feel your pain. I was already resolved to do what Jill suggested, but reading it reinforced it in my mind.