Thursday, December 1, 2011

Safety First! (And Second!)

I've accumulated a lot of running gear over the past 5 years. One of my favorite and potentially one of the most important pieces was one that I hoped I'd never really need, the RoadID ("Wrist ID Sport" model to be exact) that Chris bought me last Christmas.

RoadID, and may similar products, keep your identification, emergency contact info, and brief medical information if necessary, available to EMTs should something happen to you while you're on the run. Potentially life saving, but also convenient; my Wrist ID Sport has kept me from feeling the need to carry my drivers' license with me on my runs, which meant my license stayed in my wallet rather than forgotten in my hydration belt while I drove around without a license for days. And it looked cool, too.

Well, as you may have gathered from all the past tense, I lost it. When I didn't find it for over a month, I started to worry that either it had fallen out of my car as I de-geared after a long run or that I had accidentally thrown it out with empty sports beans packets, or lost it in some other stupid fashion. I held off of ordering a new one though, still assuming that it was somewhere in the house or car and that it would turn up.

Two weeks ago, I ran in the Philadelphia Marathon, in which two people tragically passed away. One was a college student who collapsed just after finishing the half, and another was a 40 year-old multiple Ironman finisher who fell within sight of the finish line. For both, the cause of death was listed as a heart attack, and both would have had emergency contact and ID info on their race bibs. But while ID likely wouldn't have made a difference in these cases, it made me think about how stupid it was to be out there on the roads without taking this small but easy and potentially important precaution -- disaster really can strike at any time.

So, I broke down and ordered myself a new RoadID on Monday. I liked the old one, so I got the same model.

Today, while getting ready for my run, I found this:

This afternoon, this arrived in the mail:

Well, at least if my body is somehow bisected vertically in some bizarre marathon accident, authorities will be able to identify either half.

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