Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions...How'd I do?

2011 is coming to a close, and so it's time to hold myself accountable for my New Year's Resolutions.

Let's see how I did:

1. Run five 5Ks. seems like I ran a lot of races this year, but I only did run in five 5Ks and I ran them all before the end of May. Kelly Shamrock, Honor Bus, Preakness, Bob Potts, HACC Dash.

2. Sub 23-minute 5K. Not even close. 23:55 at HACC Dash was my best of the year, and my 23:43 at the 2010 Jingle Bell in Harrisburg is still my PR.

3. Run an under 6-minute mile. Nope. New PR at 6:21, a 23 second improvement over my previous best, but no cigar.

4. Finish a marathon. Alright! I got this one. Two, in fact.

All of these running resolutions were part of the larger resolution to "kick ass", by which I mean to
"be more positive, more assertive, and more confident than I was in 2010". This resolution was a complete and utter failure, but that's a blog post that I thought better left unpublished. (If I have any readers left on December 31, 2599, though, you can read it then.)

I'll put up my 2012 resolutions in the next couple of days, and you'll probably see a few of these again.


  1. So, you were 50-50 on the resolutions.

    Or, you aced the completion resolutions, and tanked the time resolutions.

    I can see a new focus for 2012 :)

  2. Well, two marathons trump that 5K PR and you gotta leave something for 2012 :).

    Happy New Year....wishing you tons of healthy and happy miles in 2012!!