Sunday, May 6, 2012

Catching Up...Sort Of

It's been a pretty mediocre week of running, but worse week of blogging.  Actually, it's been a slightly less than mediocre two weeks of running.

After the Sole of the City 10K, I didn't run again until Thursday for all of the lame reasons I detailed in my last post.  But I sort of made up for it on that Saturday when I ran 5 miles in 41:55, which I think is one of the fastest 5-miles I've ever run.  (I was a little faster at the TowneBank Shamrock 8K in March, and my time at the 8K mark at the Hershey 10K was under 41 minutes if those km markers were to be believed)

I ran again on Monday (5 miles again.  I'm in sort of a rut, lately), but then not again until Saturday.  It was warm and humid this week, and I hate that, but I still need to get out there. (I'm glad I'm not in the Broad Street Run this year, it was in the 80s at 8am when I ran it in 2010, and I think it'll be just as warm this year.)  I just don't seem to have much motivation these days.  

I was planning on trying 6 or 7 yesterday, but I found that I just was completely un-acclimated to a 67 degree morning with 90-percent humidity.  It probably didn't help that my legs were tired from Friday night's gym class (that's another post, though.) and that I wore the adiZero Tempos for the first time since the Hershey 10K because they're more ventilated than the Adrenalines and I thought they'd be cooler.  They were, but I think I just like the support and stability of the Brooks more.  I'll probably wear them for the HACC Dash 5K next Sunday, because I ran my second-fastest 5K ever there last year, so it's a race I have a shot at a PR at, in theory.  I don't think I'm in PR shape, but I should have a much better week of running this week, and I think that will help.

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  1. Well, being handsome is a viable reason to suck at running in my book! :)

    Good luck with the 5k this weekend, sounds like a PR is coming!!!