Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crashing and Burning

This post isn't meant to be as doom and gloom and the title indicates; it just hasn't been that good a week of running.  I had a gorgeous morning on Tuesday but could only put together 5 miles because of discomfort in the mystery bump area around my left ankle and shin.  I had a little bit of  a comeback on Thursday and managed 6 hillier miles despite the warmer morning.  Today, on an oppressively humid morning, I ran 5 again.  I hate the heat, but I should be able to do more than legs just didn't feel well enough.  I had the same pain and weakness in the lower left leg, and the left quad was very achy, too.  I'm not sure if the culprit is fencing, Dreaded Druid Hills, one of my runs on this week, or something else I'm forgetting.

I need to find something that can help me make that left leg strong again, whether it's more (any!) strength training, exploring more medical options, or something else, compression socks and foam rolling alone just aren't cutting it.  As Chris said last night as we left our fencing class at the Y, I'd also be very grateful if someone invented an air-conditioned bodysuit.

(NOT an air-conditioned bodysuit)

Speaking of fencing, the last two weeks of fencing have been really fun.  Instead of just working on footwork and different blade moves (lunge, parry, repost, etc.) we've spent the whole class in round-robin tournament.  I know practice is important, but this is a lot more fun!

I'm holding my own, at 4-1 over the past two weeks, and came in second last week and this week we didn't total it up.  I think I tend to press my attack too much, because I really don't parry (defend) well at all.  I should have another loss, too, Chris got totally hosed by the judges (other members of the class) in her bout against me last week!   It's fun, but I'm still not sure I have any real desire to enter competitions or take it more seriously than just the class.

But enough about that.  You don't come to this blog for running, or fencing, or me complaining about my stupid legs.  You're here for the KITTENS!!!!

("You work. I'll lie under your desk and purr.")


  1. The gym come summer months SUCKS. Those rooms are so hot and humid, even with the A/C running full blast. Air conditioned suits would be great. Even just for regular workouts. lol Or perhaps an A/C'd plastic dome over the elliptical machine. Ahhhhh, that would be fabulous.

  2. Instead of trying to run 5, 6, or more miles each run (which either hurts or work forces long hours or crappy weather - I don't know what i'd do in that weather), how about doing fewer, faster, and different running?

    My favorite thing lately is barefoot "diagonals" on a football or soccer field. Run a mile to warmup, go to nearest football field, ditch shoes, and just run like a child from one corner to the next. Jog the end zone, do another diagonal. An X makes one set, I figure 5 sets is about a mile. Put shoes back on and jog one more mile. Easy, peasy three miles, and who knows your calves may like it.

    And maybe running becomes fun,...a little bit,...and maybe you get faster/fitter...?