Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Power Outage

The last week of running has really been a struggle. Last Thursday, I had a decently-paced 7 mile run, but a lot of stuff hurt: ankles, quads, knees, calves.

Yesterday, similar levels of discomfort and a slower pace.

Today, run/walked 5 miles with a family member. As we chatted, we walked more than I normally would have, but that's ok. What concerns me is just how dead -- completely exhausted -- my legs felt, making it 3 of my last 4 runs in which I really haven't felt very good. I wasn't in any pain today, but there was just no strength at all in my legs.

Of course, Saturday was a notable exception to this budding trend. A very good (for me) 5K, during which I felt winded from keeping up a faster pace, but otherwise pain-free and feeling great.

I haven't really run a good fast 5K since my IT Band flared up (and since healed) in January, and I'd been having some very good runs prior to the Mud Chasers run two weeks ago, but I don't think I'd over-trained.

Maybe the weather? It's been in the high 60s and very humid the past two mornings, quite the change from the 40s on Saturday. I hate running in the heat, as I've said many times, and I'm wondering if just not being used to it yet has taken its toll.

Or, maybe it's just a coincidence. It's not supposed to be easy, after all.

For now, I'm just going to rest for a few days and hold off till Friday or Saturday, and also start taking vitamins again since I'm probably not getting enough of something or other. (Chris read me a list of symptoms of low iron, and that sounded pretty much like what I'm going through).

I do have a few blog ideas that will probably be more interesting than this post, too.

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