Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tell the Story of Your First Half Marathon

Bad weather and, I must admit, a lack of motivation -- but mostly bad weather! -- have curtailed running quite a bit this week. I'll get some miles in tomorrow, most likely, but they'll be boring Manchester miles that wouldn't be worthy of a blog post, anyway.

Here's something that is. A fellow blogger, who for the purposes of full disclosure I will mention that I am married to, is looking for runners to share with her the stories of their first half marathon, as past of a larger writing project that she's undertaking. She noticed that there were books about about running a first marathon and training for a first triathlon or duathlon, but that the half marathon, which is growing in popularity faster than any other distance, was underrepresented. Whereas I would drape myself in sackcloth and ashes, she proposes to do something about this. And she needs your help:

A couple months ago, I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, FL. It was a challenge and one that I am more and more proud of as the days go by.

Right before the race though, I hit the bookstore to find something to read on the way down. I bought the hubby a first marathon book for Christmas and hoped to find a half marathon version. There was nothing there, which made me slightly disappointed. When I got home, I checked on-line to see if one existed. From what I found, it does not.

So, now that I'm a tad bit out from the race, I decided to do something about it. I wrote up a list of questions regarding a person's running history and their first half marathon experience. I'm hoping to put together a book that a person running their very first half marathon can read and find a bit of advice, camaraderie, or courage from others who were once in their position. I think it would have helped me on that plane ride!

With that in mind, if you have run a half marathon and would like to help me out, please email me. I am seeking out people who have run a half marathon and would like to share their story with others. Doesn't matter to me what half, how long it took you, if you've never run before it or after it, just that you're willing to share your experience with someone who is facing their very first long race.

Please email me at christina_m_stetler (at) yahoo dot com. I hope you'll be willing to help not only me, but the thousands of people each year who are tackling their very first half marathon!
Please get in touch with her through her e-mail (above) or blog,, or leave a comment here if you're willing to help.

I'm sure your story won't compare to my first half marathon, in which I swung on a vine over crocodile-infested waters, jumped over rolling barrels, and evaded a poisonous giant scorpion on my way to finding glorious treasures.

(This is why she needs YOUR help.)

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  1. I'm running your first half marathon race this fall. I'm not sure I can DO all that! Crap...