Monday, April 25, 2011

Slow News Day

(This is how I felt on today's run.)

Today was a struggle. I didn't really feel like running this morning, and it was foggy to the point that I felt my usual morning route would be unsafe. However, a quick scan of revealed that this might be my best opportunity for a run this week (the forecast has since improved), so when I saw that school was closed, I headed over to the high school and ran my usual route.

I got 7 miles in 1:07, my usual pace for this distance but not up to par with what I've been putting up recently. Whatever. But worse was how my calves, feet, and quads hurt the whole way. I'm not sure if I hurt myself on the mud run, am sore from racing my 5K harder than I'd planned, or if I just need to either stretch more or take some time off.

The weather was a 180-degree change from Saturday, too. It was about 63, which is certainly not scorching, but much warmer than I'm used to and super, super humid. I got a little relief at mile 6 when it started raining, at which point it seemed to cool down considerably. I debated adding an 8th mile, but as I passed my car I decided that 7 miserable miles were enough.

Interestingly, there were big slugs all over the sidewalk for a good deal of my run. I wanted to get a picture of one, but I didn't want to stop. Since there were no slugs up near the school where I was parked, I posted a picture of this turtle, which I found in our yard several years ago, instead.


  1. Did you do the slug dance? (that is dance around on your toes to make sure you don't step on any)

    Thanks for following my blog. I hope you find it interesting reading. (I can't say that I always do)

    PS I don't think you need word verification anymore. The good guys have defeated most/all of the evil spam-bots from the early Web 2.0 days.

  2. I didn't know it had a name, but I did. There's a park nearby that's even worse. Its paths are completely worm-covered after a rainy summer night.

    Just found your blog today, great stuff and very informative. Thanks for following mine back, although I'm starting to get into "I ran the same route I run every day in almost the same amount of time and it was really humid" territory here.