Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Haiku, Part Deux!

Run slowly today
But fear not the Summer heat

It cannot stop you

It's Friday and I don't have any other post ideas, so here we go again. I wish there was a formula for converting the 10 hot, humid summer miles that I ran this morning into (hopefully) cool, dry Philadelphia Marathon miles. Get right on that, mathematicians. But I'd bet it equals at least 26.3.


  1. Very nice. I offer:

    "Friday Haiku" Haiku

    Humid Summer miles
    Counted five on each hand, make
    Cool, dry marathon

  2. That's some excellent haiku right there!

  3. 10HHS = 20 > MP = W


    10 Hot Humid Summer Miles equals 20 miles faster than marathon pace in the fall which equals the Wall.

    But then again I despised Advanced Calculus and Abstract Algebra - Much preferred Number Theory, Combinatorics and such.