Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weather or Not

Today was another hill workout along my new course. It was supposed to be another 6.3-ish miles to simulate Saturday's 10K, but I was getting rained on for most of the run. Of course, I figured I could only get so wet, so I decided to continue, but then just as I was finishing the second loop, I heard thunder and decided to head back to my car. I ended up with a 4.3-mile hill workout and some extra time to play video games before work.

I had a little more fun with elevation charts yesterday, too. This claims to be the map and elevation chart for the 2009 Dreaded Druid Hills 10K. So, if the course remains the same, here's our elevation profile:

Here, again, is the elevation profile from my route on Monday: If I hadn't made it a little too small (or if you clicked on it to see a full-size version), you'd be able to see that the steepest hill, which I run up 3 times going back toward Manchester, is a climb from 357 feet to 474, feet over a little under 0.4 miles. Going up the other side of the "half pipe" into Mt. Wolf is 369 feet to 432 feet, over just a bit over half a mile.

At Druid Hills, the two toughest climbs appear to be a long uphill from 227 feet to 291 feet over 1.5 miles and 231 feet to 279 feet over 0.7 miles.

In looking at this, I'm feeling a little more prepared for this race. I think the hills on Saturday will seem longer, but I don't think it will feel like I'm climbing mountains compared to what I'm used to. I probably won't PR, but I don't think I'll embarrass myself either.

Either way, I'll have a race report to write, so you won't have to sit through more cat stories.

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