Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm probably just a little too addicted to facebook. If a race has a facebook page, I'm going to leave comments on it. So when I signed up for the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K, I posted a question on the event's facebook page, trying to learn a little more about it (by which I mean "how bad is it?"). I pulled some of the "it's really bad" quotes from a few posts ago from there.

Anyway, here's the "conversation."

I don't know why, but the last comment ("You gonna get raped. By hills.") bothered me in a way that the "beyond bad..." and "torturous" comments didn't. I readily admit that I'm probably reading way more nastiness into the comment than this than this guy intended or than most other people would read into it, but it seems more mean-spirited than the other comments did, and so I'm taking it a bit personally.

When I race, I really only consider myself to be competing against myself. But to be honest, even though I know I'm taking offense where none was likely meant, that comment makes me want to kick the guy's ass. I mean in the race, of course. If middle school taught me one thing, it's that violence almost never solves anything.

Now, I looked up his time from last year, and I think he's faster than me. I'd love to finish to ahead of him, but failing that I'll still be happy if I feel that I've run a good enough race, that I was so ready for this that I can say as I cross the finish line "I thought there were supposed to be hills."

Bring it.


  1. Good luck Brian! The mental image that last comment brought to my mind, won't be soon erased. Be careful out there, apparently the hills are sentient and malevolent.

  2. I'll carry an enraged tabby cat to protect myself.

  3. I think his comments sound worse that what he intends. I ran a 15k full of hellish hills in November and my time was awful. (I was up til 1 am with a sick child in my own defense, but the hills sure slowed me down too.) It was the only race that I repeatedly pictured walking off of and quitting several times while running.

    My oldest son ran the 5k that day and still shudders when I bring this race up...

    I have every intention of running the 15k again this year and my boy wants to run the 5k again as well. My (then) sick child plans to do the 5k also. Proof that runners are masochists.

  4. Probably, Val. Like I said, I'm sure I'm taking it more personally than it was meant, but I'll take any source of motivation that I can get.

    After all, I once decided I was going to beat a guy at the Philly half marathon because he was wearing an Eli Manning jersey. (It might have been Eli Manning.)

  5. Is it ok that I clicked on your blog b/c I love the name? Thats ok right? or do I have a problem??

  6. We all have problems, Rad Runner. But trying to earn donuts is not one of them! Welcome and thanks for reading!

  7. I can relate- I refused to let a guy dressed as the Incredible Hulk beat me during the Long Island Half. I passed him, but as it turns out, his chip time was better than mine. Wah.