Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Haiku, Volume IV

Do not fear the hills.
The hills do not stop the wind.
Just be like the wind.

As you can see, after my pessimism earlier in the week, I'm trending a bit toward overconfidence now.

I've only run one 10K, so I don't feel like I have a good strategy for them. My plan for tomorrow's Dreaded Druid Hills 10K is to just keep a slow, steady pace, conserving energy for the hills and hopefully a final sprint. That's basically the approach I took to my only other 10K. I know this will be a tougher course, but at the time of the '09 MCVET 10K (great race, by the way!) that was the longest I'd ever run.

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us in the Earn Your Donuts household. In addition to the 10K, I'll simultaneously be running a virtual 5K, the "Sweat Your Thorns Off" (what does that even mean?) 5K, hosted by one of my favorite running blogs, A couple of logistical questions: Even though they overlap, I get to count that as running 9.3 miles, right? Also, do virtual races count as PRs? (Or in this case, more likely to be a personal worst?) Back in the world of reality, my wife will return to familiar territory, her third Baltimore Women's Classic 5K. I'm sure the cats will also occasionally be running around the house as they do whatever it is that cats do.

Happy Friday. (Finish work if necessary and) Go earn donuts.


  1. Well, to date the cats aren't pulling their weight. They are lying about on the floor and sofa respectively doing nothing. Bah!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! And remember, there is no shame in walking if you're running a race with "Hills" in the title.

  3. I never heard of the race before and from what I just read online it sounds like you might have a better time spooning your eyeballs out. That being said, I'm eager to see how you like it and might consider it in next year's line up.

  4. I was just talking w/my wife how she's run the BWC 3 years in a row and I don't feel like I have a favorite race that I've run year after year.

    Somehow, I don't think it's going to be this one.