Monday, February 7, 2011

A Third of a Mile to Frustration

I had a pretty good run yesterday, all things considered. Normally, I would have given the knee another day of rest, since I usually run closer to every other day even before my IT band betrayed me. And foam rolling seemed to be helping. I was really sore last night after the run, but before bed I tried the foam roller and it just seemed to hit exactly the place that was causing the problem. I went from lots of pain bending the knee to almost pain-free instantly. I thought I'd found the magic bullet.

I felt pretty good this morning, so when I saw the weather reports for the week, I thought I would try to see if I could get 5 miles in at lunch. I stretched and I foam-rolled, but when I started the knee hurt a lot more than it did yesterday. I was clearly limping and as I approached my car I tried to bargain 5 miles down to three, but I knew that the smart thing to do was abort the run rather than risk further damage.

My marathon is March 20, and right now it's looking a bit grim. I'm supposed to run 18 miles this Saturday. I can ill-afford a week or more off of training, but maxing out at 6-7 miles and needing two days to recover each time isn't really helping me, either. Maybe rest is the better option. PT is Wednesday morning, and Wednesday lunch or evening would be next run. I'll seek guidance and hopefully have a better plan of attack after that.

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