Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Can Build on This!

6.87 miles today in 1:08, plus a few walking breaks which aren't counted in the time or distance. Within the first quarter mile I thought "this is a bad idea", and not like "bad" as in "awesome", but "bad" as in "bad."

Then, fortunately the knee loosened up a little bit and the discomfort was quite minor for about 5 of the 7 seven miles. The last two miles I was dragging a bit, but it was bearable. Throughout the run I was more conscious of my stride than usual, and I tried to keep my bad (left) leg in straight-forward, even strides. I did my stretching exercises immediately after the run, and though I did tighten up when I got home, I don't have as much discomfort as I did after Thursday's run, where I admit I challenged myself a little more. My legs felt much stronger today than they did on Thursday and last Sunday.

Overall, though, I'm encouraged by this. After an icy morning, it turned out to be a (relatively warm), beautiful day for a run.

I ran with my sister today. She's been running much longer than I have, and has plenty had knee problems of her own -- the solution to which seem to have been her switch to the Vibram FiveFingers (aka the "barefoot running" shoe). Since things were going fairly well for me, I considered myself too risk-averse to them, but now perhaps I'll give them a try after the marathon.

She tried to show me Yoga poses, which have helped her. I found that I couldn't stand for most of them without holding on to something, or I would laugh because they have funny names. I did a pretty good "tree pose", but failed at "warrior 1" and "warrior 3" before going back to my PT exercises and foam roller. The weather will be challenging this week -- of course! I think that I'll try to get out for 3-5 miles tomorrow, 6 or 7 on Wednesday, and then 10 on Saturday.

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