Thursday, February 3, 2011


It turns out I bid adieu to the Adidas Supernova a bit prematurely. It turns out it's only the Supernova Glide that I'm leaving behind for now.

It's been a good run, and third and most recent pair has been a good pair of running shoes, with my best half marathon, mile, 5K and all my longest runs achieved in them. But, it's been recommended that I try something with more stability, and this pair should have been retired months ago, anyway.

I returned the replacement pair that I'd already bought and I tried shoes from several manufacturers including Brooks, Saucony, and Asics before selecting...the Adidas Supernova Sequence.

I tried the Adidas on first, and wasn't impressed. The other pairs all felt like they had more cushion both as I stood and when I jogged on the treadmill. The salesperson recommended that I try different shoes on each foot as I ran, and when I did that, the Sequence felt the best to me, probably because it was most familiar. They're not as cool as the shoes I exchanged, but they're a considerable appearance upgrade over the yellow and black monstrosities pair.

(It has a pro-moderator? Not an amateur moderator? AWESOME!)

(They come with a free kitten? I'll take every pair!)

I took my first run in them today, and they felt very uncomfortable. I'm not too worried, I hated each pair of the Glides when they were brand new.

More importantly, the knee felt...alright. It's hard to tell when I'm worrying about my knees every step instead of thinking about what to eat when I get home. I noticed my legs felt week, so I'm not sure if this a result of doing some PT (more on this later) in which I stretched things that hadn't been stretched in 34 years, or just because I've been pretty inconsistent in my running the past few weeks. I think more frequent, shorter runs during the week is what I'm going to have to try.

Overall, I'm encouraged.

Nevermind. Knees are hurting. It's not sharp like Sunday, but things are not right down there.

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  1. i have sort of learned that I hate each new pair for a few runs because I am so sure that the previous pair was the best thing ever... um a free cat, I need to shop where you do!