Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Haiku, Volume XII: French Canadian Style

Summer's saddest day
Returning from vacation
in Old Montreal.

I cleverly robo-posted my last two blog posts to keep the flow of high-quality content here at Earn Your Donuts from being interrupted, but I've actually spent the last six days on vacation in Montreal with my wife and a great friend from college.

It was a great trip, and Montreal is an amazing city with far too much to do in that short a time. Our style of vacation tends to be "cram as much fun as possible in during the day and then find cool places to chill out and have some food and drink in the evening". Montreal was a perfect fit for this, with its many historic sites, easy-to-use metro system, and plethora of outdoor dining options with varieties of beer that I can't readily get here in PA.

Here's my top 5 recommendations for a trip to Montreal:

1. Spend lots of time in Old Montreal and the waterfront. It really is like being in another time and another country...I mean another country farther away than Canada, that is. Lots of history, and great bars and restaurants, too.

2. The Basilica of Notre Dame. I was completely blown away by how gorgeous this church was inside.

3. The Oratory of St. Joseph. Spectacular from the outside and extremely interesting -- if not as classically beautiful as the cathedral -- inside.

4. Canadian Maple Delights. Maple everything. Trust me on this.

5. The Sailor's Church (Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel). Very different from the other churches, but beautiful in its own way. Excellent views of Old Montreal and the River from its tower.

"Merci" and "Bonjour."
Is the extent of my French.
Parlez-vous anglaise?

I went running twice on vacation, but that's the stuff of a separate post.

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