Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's Next?

Think back to your PSAT or SAT tests for this one.

Complete this series: Earthquake, hurricane....

We here at the Earn Your Donuts Research Labs have concluded that the next catastrophe is right around the corner, and it will probably take one of three forms:

Space rocks.

Dinosaurs coming back from extinction.

Cats rising up against their owners and taking over the world.

Now that I've had my MS Paint fun, I should get back to running.

Even though the above scenarios render the Philly Marathon unlikely to take place, I've paid my entry fee and so I should probably hedge my bets and train for it. Since we'd been without power (and plumbing, since we have a well) from early Sunday morning through yesterday afternoon, it made it difficult to find a way to get our runs in. I finally got out for a nice 10-miler this morning. Though I missed out running on the two nicest weather days in months (Monday and Tuesday), it was a cool, beautiful morning -- the kind of day where running is a joy. So, kind of the opposite of Saturday's run.

Hal Higdon's going to be even madder at me, though, since I lost a run yesterday I'm winging my midweek mileage again this week. I'll also probably do my long run on Monday, when the weather looks cooler, instead of Saturday. I've got a 14-miler this time. I'd rather run it in 50-something degrees than 70-something, but I know I can get through it either way. That's as far as I've run this summer, though, so for runs longer than that (15 miles the next week, and 17 two weeks after that) I'll really be hoping for some cooler temperatures.


  1. Let's hope this slow hard running pays off in the Fall. I will be very annoyed if I have lost alot of fitness, not that there's any sure way of knowing until I start and finish a run in the early 60s! Harrisburg Half on 11 Sept should be a good test!

  2. With the luck of the East coast (after a mild earthquake and a pitiful hurricane);

    -by the time the meteor impacted the eastern seaboard it would be the size of a softball,

    -the only dinosaurs to return would be the docile plant eating variety,

    -and as soon as the cats had any sort of advantage over humans the sudden urge to take a long nap would overcome them.

    But if I were you I'd start digging a deeper basement - cuz ya know things come in threes. I'm thinking a tornado sometime in early October would be about right.

  3. I've worked so hard to keep my base up this summer compared to previous summers, since I'm targeting a full rather than a half in November, but I'm not a warm-weather runner!

    I keep hoping that all these warm, humid 10-13 milers are the equivalent of 17 or 18 miles in cooler, dryer conditions.

  4. A zombie attack would be more probable and interesting than dinosaurs attacking....
    Zombie-cats attacking would be even more interesting but less probable....UNLESS, a meteor collision brought some extraterrestrial-zombie-virus that turns cats into zombies.

    This is a fun thinking experiment!

  5. Irene was really bad in parts of NJ and Vermont.

    I admit, I didn't even notice the earthquake. I'd like to think it's because the Neon is such a smooth-riding vehicle.

  6. That's getting pretty complicated for MS Paint, Wesley.

    We might need to call in Michael Bay.

  7. I'm with Wesley! Zombie cats!!! Draw it! Draw it!

  8. Sounds like a fun week ahead! I hope that you get some cool weather on your long run days as well, it will be nice to get back on track!

  9. You are quite the artist. The cat one is particularly frightening, since it looks like something a (seriously disturbed) child might draw. Now that the East Coast has endured more than its fair share of natural disasters, I hope you can get some quality running in!